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The acquired expertise throughout these years providing industrial maintenance services and solutions to the market, has enabled us to meet our customers’ demands by taking a step further and increase our service portfolio. LINK Soluciones Industriales has signed a contract with a wind farm promoter so as to ensure wind turbines availability, monitoring their proper operation, by means of vibration analysis (predictive maintenance). The entrance in a new market, such as the renewable energy one, strengthens our position as a leader in terms of providing industrial maintenance services and solutions to the market.
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New Hansford sensor offers triaxial functionality

Hansford Sensors has launched a new triaxial accelerometer, enabling three axes to be read simultaneously. The new HS-109 Series vibration sensor comes complete with the established and proven M12 connector and is designed to be used both offline and as a permanently mounted sensor on industrial machinery.
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New SKF rolling bearings catalogue available

SKF releases the English version of the new SKF rolling bearings catalogue. The hard bound book, (Pub No.: 10 000) which contains more than 1300 pages, covers all standard SKF rolling bearings. The new catalogue replaces the SKF General catalogue (Publication number 6000).
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